St. Katharine Drexel (1858-1955)

Young KateKatharine was the daughter of Francis Drexel, a prominent banker form Philadelphia, but her position did not keep her from seeing the needs of the poor around her.

She visited several Indian reservations, then built and supported a number of schools. Following an audience with Pope Leo XIII, she began discerning about starting an order that would focus its works on the American Indians and African-Americans. After founding the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament , she and the sisters supported many missions among the poor in the United States. Katharine was also the mind behind the founding of what eventually became the present Black and Indian Mission Board.photo_SKD-XUkids

She was canonized on October 1, 2000. Her feastday is March 3.

“The spirit of the Congregation is the spirit of the Eucharist: the total gift of self.”                                          SKD signature


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